Tomorrow: Board investiture & Special ice breakers.Image


Sorry for the delay in getting out this week's message. I'm trying to find my timing-groove. Last week, too early; this week, too late. I'm in need of a Goldilocks, or a really good wi-fi connection,


Thanks to Dustin Campion for introducing us to Kristina Newell last week. Her presentation “Employee Satisfaction is Overrated” was eye opening. I was very surprised by the high turnover length at Google! Makes you think twice about how job satisfaction surveys are conducted. I can personally relate to the idea that emotions play a large part in how we enjoy or dislike our jobs.


This week your new board is invested and Barb Brekke has some special ice-breakers for us. Let's welcome the month of July with a BANG!  This week's volunteers: Tim Whitcomb as golden-throated Songmaster; Libby Bergen & Bill Nevin... the dynamic duo at the Greeters table and ??? as the Finemaster.


Mark your calendars for the July 22 meeting; Tammy Laurent offers a presentation on “Hiking the Inca Trails”. This is a great opportunity to use your “free lunch” cards and invite people to attend.


Cheers, Kathy Klehr