This week: Norm Pint & Abby Neu from the Scott County Fair




Hi All,

Last week we heard from Sandhya Gupta on her work educating children in India.  I love her experiential style of teaching, especially with items they have on hand, and in the local language.  I'm happy to say your Rotary Board approved a $1,000 donation to support materials for her educational workshops. 

Harold lead us in a July-appropriate patriotic song - I do like a song I can march along with.  Fine master - Tammy Laurent - opened a few wallets with some "growner" jokes.  Thanks guys for adding laughter to the meeting!

This week we welcome Norm Pint & Abby Neu from the Scott County Agricultural Society to talk about the Scott County Fair, which opens next Wednesday (July 23).  Please join me in making him welcome.

Next week Tammy Laurent & Kathy Morales present "Hike of the Inca Trail: The Blood, The Sweat and The Tears."  Tammy encourages us to invite visitors to this presentation.



p.s. I appreciate your patience as I work out the timing of this message.  I'm without internet at home and typing this on my cell phone just doesn't work.