Hi All,
Thanks so much to Chris Kost for filling in for me last week; I picked up one heck of a bug and didn't want to share germs.   Sorry I missed the meeting and all the fun sorting books. 
Speaking of the book sale - I did get a chance to stop by the sale site on Saturday to drop off books & WOW!!  The place is fantastic - plenty of room to set up and peruse books, plus, there's a doorbell!!  I don't know if you heard but we received a donation of 5,000 books!  This will help us reach our goal of 10,000 books.  Please keep collecting, and stop by to help sort - helping hands are always welcome,  This year we're adding the option to purchase books with a credit or debit card.  Thanks to the committee for all their hard work.
Our speaker on Tuesday is our own John Bezak, presenting on the Shakopee School Referendum.  This week's helpful & smiling greeters are Linda Plum, Mary Hernandez and Doug Schleif.  Limber up your vocal cords, Jim Mahoney leads us in a rousing song this week as the song master.  The fine master name is a bit hard to locate, but I'm sure John Crooks has someone in mind.
1) Book Sale - collection, sorting & sales begin April 24
2) Book sale preview & prize drawing - April 23
3) Bridging - April 25
4) Muralt Award meeting - May 12
5) District Conference - May 16 at MOA, Radisson Blu.  We enter by club, Olympic style.  Please - please  register & join me
Get out there & Light Up Rotary!
Kathleen Klehr
President 2014/15