Hi All,
I'm writing this from my back yard, soaking up as much sunshine as I can. I don't know about you but, I was getting pruny from all the rain. It was a pleasure to welcome Doug Nathan from Headwaters Relief Organization as our speaker last week. It's so heartwarming to learn about these organizations. Also good to know that they partner with others for a coordinated response. Thanks Barb Brekke for arranging his talk.
We also had the pleasure of awarding two donation. checks; CAP agency & St. Francis.
This week please join me in welcoming Connie Anderson, speaking on "When Polio Came Home: How Ordinary People Overcame Extraordinary Challenges". I encourage you to invite a friend or colleague to join us for this talk.
Theres a changing of the guard at the greeters table.  New faces are... Charlie Sunder, Jeff Tate and Bob Greeley.  The "just-back-from-a-gig" Joe Schmidt leads us in song, and the Amazing Sheila McNeill will make dollars fly into the pig as finemaster.
June16: Rotary Board meeting, 11:15am at Dangerfield's
June 30: Transfer of presidency **NOTE** Meeting is at Arizonia's
June 30: Loaves & Fishes - contact Lorri Helkamp
FYI: Last week I put a few bucks in the pig for Jon McBroom & Joe Schmidt for correctly answering why Bob Greeley & John Blezek's photo was in my weekly message.  Both of those guys are masters of Rolling Stones trivia
Keep Lighting Up Rotary
Kathleen Klehr
President 2014/15