Hi All,

Thanks to everyone for their flexibility last week.  Unfortunately our speaker was unable to make the meeting and I had to pinch-hit.  Learned that it's important to have "something in the can" for times like these.  The committee updates were interesting (thanks Tim for your long-drawn-out update).  I am very grateful to Libby Bergan for bringing a colleague to this meeting, because she gave us a wonderful talk on her background as an elementary school social worker.

This week Kevin O'Brien introduces JB Ball who will present "Tee it up for the Troops"!  Let's have a great turnout for this speaker!   We have a great lineup of volunteers this week: The Laurent's are our smiling greeters, Jim Cook is the fine master.

I encourage you to use your "free-lunch" business cards and invite colleagues, other business leaders to join us!

Cheers, Kathy

p.s.  I will be on vacation August 10 - Sept 1.  The lovely Chris Kost and Sheila McNeill will fill in for me - please show your support by packing the room.