Dear Shakopee Rotary Club Members and Friends,
Good Friday Morning!
As of the August 26 Board meeting, I have been chosen to serve as your Rotary President for the remainder of the 2015-2016 term. I am extremely honored, humbled and excited to serve. With only a limited time as President-Elect, I am aware of a steep learning curve on the requirments, duties, responsibilities and leadership involved with holding this position. I hope to fulfill the expections of our Club, our District 5950 and Rotary International. Thank you for this opportunity to serve.
During our next meeting, September 1, I will take a few minutes to present a few goals and objectives the Board has discussed going forward. I look forward to meeting, for a cup of coffee, with each and every one of our Club members to see what they value in our organization and to exchange and share ideas in helping our Club grow, prosper and evolvce to the best we can be.
At our last meeting we were honored to have our District 5950 Governor, Tim Murphy, join us and share his views of Rotary and especially our strong District. Tim had a wonderful story to tell about how he became involved in his Club and his evolution as a member of Rotary International. What a pleasure to meet tim and be empowered by his talk. In meeting the Board before that meeting, he offered so much advice and expertise as our Club was transitioning to new leadership. Many times over the next 10 months, I will be reaching out to him as we work together in strengthening our Club.
At next Tuesday's meeting our speaker will be Mary Spiedel, with the Good Samaritan Society. Her talk will focus on choosing rehabilitation facilities after an illness or injury. I think Rick Meyers knows a thing or two about this topic.
For the meeting:
Our Song Master will be Jim Cook...we missed your beautiful voice last week
Our Fine Master will be Tim Whitcomb...I'm still smiling as I remember his last time fining members
Our Greeter's Table will be Art Quinn, Michele Dahl and Tim Whitcomb
Once again, I am excited and honored to be your President. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Have a great Weekend,