Happy Snowy Friday to our Club members, families and friends,
Watching the big snowflakes fall this morning hardly portends the freezing weather coming our way. This weekend stay home, stay warm and root for our Minnesota Vikings...and the Packers (there's a plug for Jim). At our meeting last week, we were informed on the behind the scenes State Capital action fro our State Representative Bob Loonan and lobbyist Elaine Love. Just a  little disconcerting learning how non-partisan politics plays such a huge role in St. Paul. We are sure Representative Loonan can straighten it all out...
This upcoming Tuesday's presentation will be by author Stephen Yoch. He will discuss his book Becoming George Washington. Lots of great reviews of his work on Amazon. We look forward to his presentation and his take on our founding father. Please attend the meeting to welcome Mr. Yoch.
For the 12:00 pm Tuesday January 12 meeting at Dangerfield's:
Fine Master - Bill Wermerskirchen
Song Master - a mystery guest
Greeter's Table - Loan Lynch, Sheila McNeill and Jason Marschall
The weather will be so cold, you might as well attend and join in the fellowship, have a hot meal and  have some fun with us next Tuesday. We will also celebrate the Vikings victory (?) and the Packers victory (there ya' go Jim).
I hope everyone has wonderful weekends and I look forward to seeing everyone next week.