Happy Friday Afternoon,
A big thanks goes to Past President Tim Whitcomb for filling in for Past President Kathy Klehr who was filling in for our current President...I needed to attend 2 different Board meetings and was unavailable. I heard I missed a great meeting and everyone left with a bit of an English accent. Our speaker Richard Lett has had such an interesting career. I wish I could have made the meeting and heard his stories.
This week we have scheduled an icebreaker with our newest member Rose Hullett. I'm sure it will be interesting. Also our exchange student, Akina, will introduce herself to our Club. I am also going to cover a few Club items, such as the annual book sale and our visioning planning process.
Next Meeting:
Song Master - Sheila McNeill
Fine Master - Tony Spagnolo
Greeter's Table - Rick Meyer, Bill Nevin and Kevin O'Brien
Here's to a wonderful weekend with family and friends. As always, please let me know of questions and comments that you may have.