Good Morning Everyone,
I do not think I am the only one who was surprised by the blanket of snow this morning. As much as we would all like Spring to be early, the snow was beautiful. Thanks go out to Tim Whitcomb for stepping up on late notice and filling in for me on Tuesday. I will fill in everyone why I was unable to attend. Here's a clue...use SPF 50 when the sun is shining.
Chuck Berg did a absolutely wonderful job as the Chair of this year's NC PETS training in Rochester last weekend. I was unable to attend last year as I was in DC, but this year I came back from DC early to attend the sessions on Friday and Saturday. I networked with so many President -Elects and learned so much. I have so many ideas and Goals for our Club. I am truly invigorated for the future of our Shakopee Club.
I also want to thank our speaker this week, Ben Louwagie from Emerson, one of the large businesses that have recently moved their operations to Shakopee. We wish the company continued success and welcome them as an important community  member. Strong business partners continue to keep our community strong and vibrant. Thanks go to Sarah Howe for arranging the presentation.
Our next meeting March 22, will feature a presentation by Jeremy Geske. Jeremy is with the Minnesota Farm Bureau and will speak on "Farming Today" in Minnesota. Please plan on attending and learning about the hard work that goes into providing your families with fresh nutritious foods available each and every single day. Maybe Jeremy can guess what the lunch is for our meeting....
Our Next Meeting:
Song Master - Doug Schleif
Fine Master - John Crooks
Greeter's Table - Joe Schmidt, Ron Smith and Tony Spagnolo
I am looking out the window and most of the snow melted...oh well. I hope everyone has wonderful plans for the weekend. Thanks for all that you do to make our Club as strong as it is and the efforts to make us even stronger as we move forward.