Happy Friday to all our Club Members, Families and Friends,
It is another beautiful afternoon, which makes it just a little difficult to concentrate at the office. I hope everyone has great plans for the weekend. I will be planting flowers and working in the gardens. In the past few days a second pair of geese have taken up the yard and the pond and I am thinking another set of goslings will show up soon. Both dogs get a kick out of 10 little goslings putzing around in the water. Now if I could just figure out how to quiet the spring peepers at night. What a great problem to have. Well, enough of me daydreaming while I write this...
It was so nice to have a "full house" to welcome Amy Zellmer to our Club. She showed how just a slip on the ice can change one's life. I empathize with her struggle, but still cannot fathom all she has gone through these past two years. I applaud her effort to educate people on the seriousness of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
Next Tuesday is our Annual Doc Muralt Awards luncheon. What a great way the celebrate the lifelong efforts of such a figure in Shakopee's history and the Shakopee Rotary Club. His legacy lives on at every weekly meeting as we sing songs to lift our spirits. Some weeks we sing a bit better than others....lol. The meeting will be held at Turtle's 1800 Social Center. Michele Dahl has done a wonderful job of making the arrangements. Thanks Michele. The lunch is $15, so those with punch cards remember to bring 2 extra dollars.
The Muralt Awards Committee is made up of Harold Armstrong, John Canny, Art Quinn, Michele Dahl, Lee Hennen and Tammy Laurent.
Please plan to attend, fill the room, congratulate the Paul Harris Fellows and learn who the recipient is for  the 2016 W. Adair Muralt Award. The person selected is someone who is very deserving. Please join us.
For the Tuesday Meeting:
Song Master - Bill W.
Greeter's Table - Tim Whitcomb and Barb Brekke
Take the time this weekend and spend time with someone you love and make an effort to call a friend or relative and tell them what they mean to you. It is so easy to do and it really makes the day of the person you tell. Give it a try, you will be happy you did. Thanks again for being a proud Rotarian a member of this great Club always striving for Service before Self.
Have a wonderful weekend,