Happy Friday Afternoon,
Its a great day, but get ready for some serious heat the beginning of next week. It will surely be AC weather. Last Monday was miserable with the humidity, so naturally my AC broke. That night I just closed my eyes and pretended I was on vacation in the Amazon tropical forest...worst 24 hour pretend vacation ever.
Thanks again to our President Elect Barb Danielson for filling in for me. Ran into Joe Schmidt at Stonebrooke last night and he thought I left the Club....
The gambling numbers were terrific last year and hopefully it keeps up. Ron Solseth continues to do a fantastic job of handling the operations. If you run into him, tell him thanks, because without his efforts many organizations that we support would go empty handed. Thanks Ron.
At the last meeting our Speaker Alan Anderson talked about climate change. No matter where you stand on the issue, you have to agree that there is an effect on many parts of the world. Rotary International is planning for potential changes and is acting accordingly.
Next Tuesday we will have our "back home" outbound student, Mallory Glynn, provide us with her year in review. Please plan to attend and hear about the wonderful time that Mallory had in Brazil. She is just missing the Olympics by a few weeks, which must be just a little disappointing...I am looking forward to Mallory sharing her incredible story with our Club.
This Week's Meeting:
Song Master - Jim Cook
Fine Master - John Crooks
Greeter's table - Michele Dahl, Jim Cook and John Canny
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and that you continue to share your Rotary stories with family, friends and interested potential members.