Good Friday Morning,
Lots happening with our Shakopee Rotary Club. Last week was Loaves and Fishes. I mentioned during last week's meeting that the second shift was a little short as 2 of our volunteers had to cancel. Lo and behold, several of our members showed up to help out. Lee Hennen worked both shifts, Doug Schleif and his wife showed up and it was his 55th Birthday, Jon McBroom and his wife showed up but by then we had a full shift. I am truly humbled by our Club. Last minute notice and many stepped up to volunteer. Thanks so much for making myself and our Club proud of our commitment to this community.
We have our Canterbury Fundraiser coming up next Thursday. We have 17 people signed up. Joe and Lorri Helkamp offered to volunteer until Joan and Don Lynch can attend, a little bit late. It is going to be a grand night. I am sending a separate email concerning the details for the volunteers and those who would like to show up for the Shakopee Rotary Handicap Race.
I think everyone who was able to attend our meeting on Tuesday learned quite a bit about fellow Club members. Barb Brekke set up a fun interactive vocational session. We sat at tables and answered questions posed to each table and discussed them in small groups. I learned a lot from Charlie, Ron, Jim and Jason. Maybe we should incorporate a few of these types of meetings over the course of the year. Please let me know what you think.
At our next meeting, we will hear from David Driver with the Shakopee School District. David will talk about how the use of electronics has changed over time and its affect with students and teachers. It should be fascinating as most of us did not have those capabilities when we attended school. I used a slide rule through High School. Does anyone still remember how to use one? Please plan on attending the meeting and make David feel welcomed by our Club.
Next Meeting:
Song Master - Kathy Busch
Fine Master - Ron Smith
Greeter's Table - Jody Herrmann, Deb Erickson and Bob Greeley 
It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Make sure to set aside time to enjoy the things that mean the most to you. Remember Sunday is Grandparent's Day. Please take the time, either you or your children, to call and tell them how much they mean to you, the influence they have had on you and still do, and end by telling them how much you love them.
As always, please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns for our Club.