Hello and happy Sunday afternoon!
Nice and warm and sunny today and I think we are all ready for warm weather. I saw a lot of people out today doing gardening, walking dogs, kids in the park and you can just tell Minnesotans are very eager to finally be outdoors!

Last week we presented our annual W.Adair Muralt winner, "Farmer" Marschall and his wife Sue who received a Paul Harris Fellow Award as well. We also honored our own Linda Plum who received her FIRST Paul Harris Fellow for her contributions to the Rotary foundation this year. Gary Laurent was recognized with a pin for his "Plus 4" cumulative contributions as well, and Tammy Laurent accepted the pin for him.  Kathy Klehr was our MC and we had Art Quinn, Bill Wermerskirchen and Jason Marschall all participate in the program. A job well done.  I know Farmer and his wife were humbled by the award.  Linda was very gracious and proud too.  Many thanks to our committee with helping to organize this year's event which includes, Art Quinn, Harold Armstrong, Sandi Wedmann and Jason Marschall. 

I also want to mention thanks to the Roadside cleanup crew of May 6, 2014. I included pictures in the website of the workers that day, Charlie Sunder(committee chair), Bill Wermerskirchen, Erik Westlund, Lorri Helkamp, Kevin O'Brien, Christ Kost and Art Quinn.  We appreciate all your help in making this happen for our club again this year.

This week we have our own Barb Brekke leading us in a club survey regarding our Community Service activities. Please try and attend as we want as much input as possible on our current activities and looking at how we can improve or change what we currently do as a club with Community Service. This is valuable information not only for our chairperson, but the leaders of the club as we look forward to our new fiscal year starting July 1 and planning our budget for next year. Please come out and give us your thoughts and help Barb get as many responses as we can from the club membership. You will be greeted this week by Lynn Pauly and whomever else has volunteered to be a substitute greeter this week.  Finemaster this week is the one and only Joan Lynch who will find a way to extract a few extra bucks from your wallet! We do not have a Songmaster, but that is OK since we could probalbly use the extra time this week to give people time to complete the survey and for Barb to explain, etc.  But if there is a Songmaster I don't know about, then we will go with that. I am flexible.

See you Tuesday!

In Peace and Service,
Sheila McNeill
President, 2013-14