Hi All,

What a wonderful meeting this week - so great to see new faces - especially those from the members event last week. I admit, I'm a sucker for John ImageCrook's "a guy walks into a bar" jokes - somehow I'm reminded of Harold (miss ya).  Libby's got my vote for a permanent song master position - but then we'd miss out on all the goofy-ness everyone else brings to singing.  I very much enjoyed Mike McMahan's talk on the changes in healthcare. He's a great addition to the St. Francis community.  Not only was his talk informative, it was very engaging.

Chris takes the reins for the next couple of weeks while I'm out of commission.  I know you'll give him the same respect and support you've all given me.  This coming Tuesday please give a hearty Rotary welcome our speaker Don Gorter from Seagate (I'm bummed to miss this talk).  Mark will strum a tune to keep us on key as song master, and Barb Danielson will delight us as fine master.  The trio of John Crooks, Barb Danielson and Dave Eckart will staff the greeter table with a warm welcome for everyone.


  • NO NOON meeting December 2 - Make note to attend our Toy Drive Social at Arizona's with other Rotarians from Scott County this evening (5-7pm)  Please bring an UNWRAPPED toy or gift card, and $10 for appetizers.  I would love to have a big showing of Shakopee Rotarians at this event.  Someone please bring along a camera (or smart phone) & share photos!  (Mary - this would be great on our Facebook page)
  • Loaves & Fishes is Thursday December 4 - thanks to everyone that signed up.  Please take photos!
  • NO NOON meeting December 16 - Holiday party at the McNeill's home.

Look for an email from Sheila McNeill with a flyer and sign-up for the Holiday Party.

ImageHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Cheers, Kathy Klehr
President 2014-15