Hello Shakopee Rotary! 

I’m so happy to be back in Minnesota where the snow drifts are taller than me, the roads are covered in black ice, and the wind cuts through you and freezes your bones…70’s and sunny is over rated!  (I’m in tears as I write this!)

Thank you to Tim Whitcomb for filling in for me while I was out…instant upgrade in my opinion.  Thank you as well to Lee Hennen for providing a program on make ups, as well as Jim Conway for an impromptu ice breaker! 

This week we welcome our very own Jon McBroom, who will be giving us an update on the Shakopee School Demographics. 


BOOK SALE UPDATE:  Reminder, we are in "Full Book Collection Mode" at this time.  Here is what you need to know right now.

1.     We NEED Books! 

2.     We are having our first sorting party tomorrow (Tuesday, March 8th, at 6:30PM, on the location in Southbridge, which is right next to Wal-Mart at the old Trade Secret location).  Future sorting dates are on the website, and will be communicated to the club at meetings. 

3.     The fund-raising committee has and will continue to send out emails and fliers that you can forward on to any friends/family who may be interested in either donating books, or buying books at the sale.  Please help spread the word!  If we get 200 books from every member, we are all set!

4.     Any questions related to the book sale, please contact Rob D, Jason M, or Mike S.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!

2011 District Conference:  The 2011 District Conference will be held on April 15th - 17th up in Alexandria, MN at the Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center.  I will send out an email to the club with a flier that has further details and registration information for those who are interested in attending.   

Meat Raffle:  We are in need of two volunteers to work the meat raffle this week on Wed, March 9th from 5:45PM at Arnies….it lasts about an hour.  Please see Tim Whitcomb if you are available to help. 


Here are a some up coming dates to keep in mind.  

1.  March 15th:  Skydiving - Jumpin Joe Johnson & Barb Steinhauser (Dangerfields) 


2.  March 17th:  ROTARY HAPPY HOUR!  Join Bill Nevin to celebrate St. Patricks Day!  More details to come!


3.  March 22nd:  No regular weekly meeting.  Replaced by Annual Book Sale kick-off event on Thursday, March 24th @ 6:00pm on location of book sale in Southbridge.  More details to come!


4.  March 22nd:  Loaves and Fishes project @ St.Marks in Shakopee from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.  (Details to be shared in regular weekly meetings)


5.  March 25-27 & April 1-3:  Book Sale Dates.  Mark your calendar, more details to follow. 


6.  March 29th:  Meeting Program To Be Determined (Dangerfields) 


7.  April 5th:  District 5950 World Community Service Competitive Grants in Africa - Tim Murphy (Dangerfields) 


8.  April 8th:  Trip to the Science Museum (More details to come) 


9.  April 12th:  Vocational Talk / Ice Breakers - Tony Spagnolo / Angie Whitcomb (Dangerfields) 


10.  April 26th:  Shakopee Celebrates Reading (More details to come)


11.  April 30th:  Bridging Event in Shakopee – Save the Date (More details to come)


12.  May 3rd:  Murault / Paul Harris Awards Program at Canterbury Inn.  (More details to come)


13.  June (Date TBD):  Twins Game (More details to come)


14.  June 23rd:  President Exit Meeting (Dangerfields)


15.  June 30th:  District Governor Installation Program (Canterbury Inn)



Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Robert Deuth
Shakopee Rotary Club