Dear Shakopee Rotary Club Members and Friends,
Happy Friday,
Even though Summer does not end for another 10 days, Fall weather has settled in. I, for one, appreciate a little less humidity in the air. Hopefully, everyone had a great Holiday weekend.
"Coffee with Crooks" continues. I have learned so very much from the members I have met with. Some great ideas are being shared. The plan is that after meeting with all members, I will share the findings with the Rotary Board and work on a presentation to share with the entire Club on what has been learned. We may also provide some goals and objectives for the direction of our Club. It is very exciting to hear from each person. Remember, without you, our Club is less than 100% of what it can and should be.
On Tuesday we learned about our STRIVE program, being headed up by Sheila McNeill. By the response to the sign up sheet, I see us as having the best STRIVE year ever. Thanks Sheila, for all you do.
Next was Deb Erickson, Membership Chair and the 60th Anniversary Celebration Chair. Deb filled us in on the planning that has taken place and the work yet to be done for the 60th Anniversary. Quite a few members signed up to assist Deb in the arrangements so that this will be a celebration to remember. We were also brought up to date on the hard work involved in attracting new members and retaining our existing membership. Thanks Deb.
Next week, Art Quinn will provide us with a presentation on GMO, genetically modified crops. As most of you know, Art has spent much of his career working on strains of seeds, particularly sugar beets, that are resistant to many types of crop failures. His work with Beta Seed has made a tremendous difference in world wide sugar beet production. We look forward to having Art educate us on the importance of GMO crops.
For the Meeting:
Our Song Master is the angelic voice of Alan Spillers
Our Fine Master will be smiling face of Bob Greeley
Our Greeter's table will consist of John McBroom, Joe Schmidt and the lovely Sarah Howe
So far this adventure of being your President is working out to be quite an experience...a fantastic experience. Let's all work together to make our Club the best it can be...making a difference with our "Service to Others'. And by the way, it is also a great way to establish wonderful friendships, business relationships and to have lots of fun.
Hope Everyone has a Super Weekend,