Happy Monday to Everyone.
Running a bit late with this week's Rotary update. It seems this may be the last really warm day for awhile. Hard to believe Labor Day weekend is soon upon us. Time can go so fast....How about we all unplug ourselves for the long weekend. No TV, videos games, smart phones and internet. Slow the clock down and play a board game with some people that you want to smile with. I am going to do it. Let me know if you might consider it.
At tomorrow's meeting our presenter will be Julie Moran, Principal of SACS. Julie will fill us in on the 2016-17 school year and all that is on the horizon with SACS. Please attend and make her feel welcomed by our Club.
Tomorrow's Meeting:
Song Master - John Bezek
Fine Master - Libby Bergen
Greeter's Table - Deb Erickson and Bob Greeley
I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of the day,