Hello Shakopee Rotary!

I hope you all didn’t put your winter coats and boots away just yet!  When I saw the forecast for tomorrow afternoon, into Wednesday, I quickly turned the TV to an old rerun of Saved by the Bell, as it was less painful to watch.  (I may have just dated myself there!). 

I want to thank Tony Spagnolo for his vocational talk and ice breaker.  I felt bad we were not able to make time for questions, but fortunately we get to see Tony every week, so feel free to pick his brain the next chance you have!  Also, I want to say thank you to Jackie and Ed Olson for joining us for lunch last week.  It was an honor to have them with us as we spent some time sharing memories of Dick Mertz.  Thank you to all members who shared their heartfelt memories and stories.  Finally, thank you also to Fran Heitzman for joining us last week, and getting the group all riled up for Bridging! 

This week we have two excellent programs.  First we welcome Chelsea Smith, one of our two camp enterprise students, who will be sharing her experience with us.  Welcome Chelsea!  Second, we welcome back to the podium our very own Jon McBroom, who will be giving the second part of his program on the Shakopee School Demographics. 


2011 District Assembly:  Reminder, the 2011 District Assembly will be held on Saturday, May 7th from 8AM to 1PM at Normandale Community College in Bloomington.  Please see Rob if you are interested in registering.   


Here are a some up coming dates to keep in mind.  

1.  April 26th:  Shakopee Celebrates Reading (Lunch at Dangerfields, no program.  Reading event to be offsite)


2.  April 26th:  Road side Clean up.  5:00pm.  Back up date set for Thursday, April 27th if poor weather.  See Charlie Sunder or Randy Laurent for details. 


3.  April 27th:  Rotary Happy Hour at Canterbury Inn.  More details to come!


4.  April 30th:  Bridging Event in Shakopee – Save the Date (More details to come)


5.  May 3rd:  Murault / Paul Harris Awards Program at Canterbury Inn.  (More details to come)


6.  May 7th:  District Assembly (Normandale Community College).  See Tim Whitcomb to register. 


7.  June 7th:  Emma – Exchange Student Experience (Dangerfields) 


8.  June 14th:  Twins Game.  Bus leaves at 4:30PM at Dangerfields.  $30 per person.  See Kathy Klehr with questions.


9.  June 21st:  President Exit Meeting – Rob Deuth (Dangerfields)


10.  June 28th:  District Governor Installation Program (Canterbury Inn)



Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Robert Deuth
Shakopee Rotary Club